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Department of Physics of IISER Bhopal offers BS-MS dual-degree, Ph.D. degree as well post-doctoral positions. The BS-MS course is a five-year program designed to foster the understanding of core physics subjects and to inculcate much desired interdisciplinary aptitude through elective courses from physics as well as other areas. The BS-MS curriculum consists of courses from all major science disciplines during first two years, professional courses of Physics and interdisciplinary subjects during third and fourth years, and project work combined with a few elective courses in the fifth year. In first four years the department also offers basic and advanced laboratory courses to BS-MS students. The experiments in these laboratory courses are designed and distributed over various semesters in a way that it complements the concurrent theory courses. The experiments are aimed to imbibe experimental skills simultaneous to learning and the students are encouraged to set up and perform the experiments independently. As a part of the curriculum, the department is also planning to have a full phased Cosmic ray observatory that would be unique in India. In fifth year of BS-MS program, the students have to undertake a research project that includes submission of a dissertation followed by an open seminar. This is aimed to provide the flair of research and encourage students to pursue a research career in the areas of basis and applied physics.

Ph.D. degree is offered in diverse areas of theoretical and experimental physics. The PhD course consists of one year of rigorous course work that imparts advanced concepts of physics to the students, a comprehensive examination, state of the art seminar, research work, PhD viva-voce examination and theses defense leading to the PhD degree. The PhD students are encouraged to attend national and international level conferences and present their research work to the scientific community. Faculty members and PhD students of the department are actively participating in research in frontiers of science in both theoretical and experimental areas. Total number of PhD students in the department is currently fifteen. Currently the department has two post-doctoral fellows working in the area of Tera Hertz Spectroscopy and Cosmology.

Dr. Adarsh K. V.

Associate Professor
adarsh[AT]iiserb.ac.in Condensed Matter Experiment

Dr. Ambar Jain

Assistant Professor
ambarj[AT]iiserb.ac.in High Energy Physics

Dr. Auditya Sharma

Assistant Professor
auditya[AT]iiserb.ac.in Theoretical Condensed Matter

Dr. Bhargava Ram Niraghatam

Assistant Professor
nbhargavram[AT]iiserb.ac.in Experimental Atomic, Molecular & Optical Science

Dr. Dhanvir Singh Rana

Associate Professor
dsrana[AT]iiserb.ac.in Condensed Matter Experiment

Dr. Nirmal Ganguli

Assistant Professor
nganguli[AT]iiserb.ac.in Theoretical condensed matter physics

Dr. Rajib Saha

Assistant Professor
rajib[AT]iiserb.ac.in High Energy Physics

Dr. Ravi P Singh

Assistant Professor
rpsingh[AT]iiserb.ac.in Condensed Matter Physics (Experimental)

Dr. Ravi Shankar Singh

Assistant Professor
rssingh[AT]iiserb.ac.in Condensed Matter Experiment

Dr. Ritam Mallick

Assistant Professor
mallick[AT]iiserb.ac.in Nuclear Astrophysics

Dr. Sebastian Wuster

Associate Professor
sebastian[AT]iiserb.ac.in Theoretical Ultracold Atomic Physics

Dr. Snigdha Thakur

Assistant Professor
sthakur[AT]iiserb.ac.in Condensed Matter Theory

Dr. Suhas Gangadharaiah

Assistant Professor
suhasg[AT]iiserb.ac.in Condensed Matter Theory

Dr. Sukanta Panda

Associate Professor
sukanta[AT]iiserb.ac.in High Energy Physics

Dr. Sunil Pratap Singh

Assistant Professor
spsingh[AT]iiserb.ac.in Theoretical Soft Matter Physics

Dr. Surajit Saha

Assistant Professor
surajit[AT]iiserb.ac.in Experimental Condensed Matter Physics

Dr. Suvankar Dutta

Assistant Professor
suvankar[AT]iiserb.ac.in High Energy Physics

Visiting / Adjunct Faculty

Prof. Pradeep Kumar Gupta

Visiting Professor
pkgupta[AT]iiserb.ac.in Lasers,Biomedical Applications of Lasers and Laser Materials

Prof. Subhash Chaturvedi

Visiting Professor
subhash[AT]iiserb.ac.in Theoretical Physics

Dr. Sudhendu Rai Chaudhary

Honorary Professor
src[AT]iiserb.ac.in High energy Physics

Dr. Varadharajan Srinivasan

Adjunct Faculty
vardha[AT]iiserb.ac.in Computational Material Science

Dr. Amit Kumar Khare

amitkhare[AT]iiserb.ac.in Condensed Matter Experiment

Dr. Manoj Kumar Gupta

mkgupta[AT]iiserb.ac.in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology


  Sr. No. Name Roll Number 1Akash Jain 9005 2Alankrita Priya9007 3Anurag Punia 9009 4Deepak Kumar Deo 9019 5Deepak Kumar 9020 6 Kailash Chandra Dhaker 9024 7Megha Agarwal 9029 8Pratik Roy9038 9Rahul Soni9040 10 Rahul Kumar Gupta 9041 11 Shivam Gupta 9052 12 Tarun Saxena 9060 13 Abhiramnath P10002 14 Abhishekamole B 10003 15 Abin Joshy 10004 16 Amartyajyoti Saha10005 17 Anjali K Sajeev 10007 18 Arinjoy Bhattacharya10014 19 Arjun V 10015 20 Avik Biswas10018 21 Charubala C S 10021 22Harsh Vashistha 10029 23Kanchan Yadav 1003824Kaushik Roy 10039 25Kiran Sethunath A.S 10040 26Kush Coshic 1004127 Parth Chaturvedi 1005628 Rajesh Kumar Malla 1006529 Sam Eapen George 1007730 Savin Shynu Varghese 1008231 Sharon S Philip 1008332 Sooraj K P 1009133 Suhas K Ramesh 1009134 Anarta Roy 1101335 Ganesh Ji Omar 11027 36 Geo Jose 11028 37Kapil Kumar Jain 11038 38Kunal Sharma 11039 39Meera Nandakumar 1104140Namitha Ann James1104641Piyush Agarwal 1105442Ritwika Chakraborty 11063 43Sachin Shain P 11068 44Shany Mary Oommen11071 45Shibu Sasi 11072 46Shikha Bangar11073 47 Varun Gupta11080 48 Vipin V 11082 49 Amal Sebastian 12006 50 Amit Singh 12008 51 Anagha Premaraj 1200952 Aniruddh Verma 12011 53 Anjana K N 12012 54 Arjun P 12017 55 Arpith Kumar 12019
Sr. No. Name Roll Numer 56 Avishek Singh 12030 57 Chandratre Kartiki Ganesh 12035 58 Chemate Dhanashree Bhaskar 12036
59 Dinesh Kumar S 12041 60 Gadgil Mihir Mukund 12044 61 Hare Krishna 12048 62 Harsh Arora 12051 63 Hrushikesh Shashikant Sable 12053
64 Kamal Krishna Nath 12054 65 Pradeep Saran 12081 66 Prince Kumar Maurya 12082 67 Ramesh Chandra Shukla 12087 68 Ravi 12088 69 Salvi M 12095 70 Shubham Kumar Singh 12101 71 Somesh K 12105 72 Sruthibhai P V 12108 73 Aparna P 12120



1Amiya Ranjan Barik 910501 2Parul Pandey 910502 3Manabendra Sharma910503 4Rakesh Rana 910504 5Patel Avani Vikrambhai 1110501 6Paresh Chandra Rout 1110502 7Prachi Mohanty 1110503 8Pritam Khan 1110504 9Debarati Sarkar 1120501 10Rituraj Sharma 1120505 11 V Eswara Phanindra 1120506 12Rajesh Kumar Yadav1210501 13Sarmistha Das 1210502 14Baddipalli Harinath  1220503 15 Deepak Singh 1310501 16K Santhosh Kumar 1310502 17Rakesh Ranjan Kumar 1310503 18Vipin Sudevan 1310505 19Bommareddy Poojitha1320501 20Surjit Sarkar 1320503 21Ujjal Purkayastha 1320504 22Anirban Mondal 1410501 23Ankita Budharaj 1410502 24Arghya Chattopadhya 1410503 25Prabha Chupal 1410506 26Rahul Soni 1410507 27Sarvesh Kumar Yadav 1410508 28Shivam Gupta 1410509

The Physics Department has state-of-the art facilities for carrying out research activities in frontier areas of science. The department is currently equipped with following research facilities-

  • Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) system
  • Physical Property Measurement System (PPMS)
  • Powder and think film XRD
  • Atomic/Magnetic Force Spectroscopy
  • Scanning Hall Probe
  • Surface Profiler
  • Thin Film Sputtering System (assembled indigenously)
  • Impedance Analyzer
  • Ferroelectric hysteresis loop tracer (Radiant Technology) assembled with Probe station
  • Transient absorption spectrometer with a time resolution of 10 ms
  • High temperature box and tubular furnaces
  • Thin film coating unit
  • Nanosecond laser with OPO
  • Z-scan setup for nonlinear absorption and refraction measurements
  • Photo-emission spectrometer
  • Liquid Nitrogen plant
  • Rheometer
  • High resolution scanning electron microscope with EDX


Mr. Devendra Mehta

Lab Assistant

Ms. Ritu Yadav

Junior Assistant (Multi-skill)
rituy[AT]iiserb.ac.in Phone: +91-755 669 2582, 669 2582

Mr. Naveen Kumar Arya

Lab Assistant

Ms. Rashmi Pateriya

Project Lab Assistant

Mr. Manoj Prajapat

Project Lab Assistant

List of Courses to be offered during 2014-15 I Semester (Physics)




Course No.    

Course Title








General Physics Laboratory-I




Quantum Physics



General Physics Laboratory-III




Mathematical Methods-I



Quantum Mechanics-I



Classical Mechanics



Physics Laboratory-I



Thermal Physics 




Electrodynamics and Special Theory of Relativity



Condensed Matter Physics



Condensed Matter Physics Lab



Advanced Mathematical Methods for Physics


Advanced Quantum Mechanics



Ultrafast Optics and Spectroscopy


Quantum Field Theory II



Sp. Topics in Theo. Phys. (Cosmology II)




Quantum Eng.



List of Courses to be offered during 2014-15 II Semester (Physics)



 Semester      Course No.       Course Tile                  


                                      PHY 202                     Basic Electronics

           II                        PHY 204                     Electronics Laboratory


                                      PHY 302                      Mathematical Methods II

           IV                         PHY 304                      Quantum Mechanics II

                                      PHY 306                      Statistical Mechanics


                                      PHY 302                      Mathematical Methods II 

                                      PHY 304                      Quantum Mechanics II

            VI                       PHY 306                      Statistical Mechanics

                                      PHY 308                      Physics Laboratory II

                                      PHY 312                      Numerical Methods and Programming


                                      PHY 402                      Atomic and Molecular Physics

                                      PHY 404                      Nuclear and Particle Physics

           VIII                       PHY 406                      Nuclear Laboratory

                                      PHY 413                      Introduction to Astronomy and Astrophysics

                                      PHY 416                      General Theory of Relativity (Over NKN by IISER Pune)


                                      PHY 503                      Introduction to Astronomy and Astrophysics 

              X                      PHY 504                      Magnetism and Superconductivity

                                      PHY 512                      Nano Science and Nanotechnology


                                      PHY 302                     Mathematical Methods II

                                      PHY 304                     Quantum Mechanics II

       Integrated              PHY 306                     Statistical Mechanics

          Ph. D                   PHY 312                     Numerical Methods and Programming

                                      PHY 338                     Integrated Physics Laboratory II


                                      PHY 602                     Advanced Classical Mechanics

            Ph.D.                PHY 604                     Statistical Mechanics

                                      PHY 620                     Magnetism and Superconductivity

                                      PHY 800                        Ph. D. Thesis

Dr. D S Rana

Head, Department of Physics hod_phy[AT]iiserb.ac.in Phone: +91 755 269 2581, 669 2581 Fax: +91 755 409 2392