• "To emerge as an Institute of the highest caliber in which teaching and education will be totally integrated with the state of the art research."


  • Promote research and development activities in science and application of scientific methods by investing in infrastructure and faculty, promoting academic reforms and spreading scientific awareness among public.
  • Provide pivotal training in natural sciences and liberal arts enabling the young minds to develop not only rationale but creative thinking capabilities as well.
  • Foster an environment of liberal education of natural sciences with a spirit of freedom of thought.
  • To collaborate and develop strategic alliances in order to tread new and innovative vistas for long-term dialogue between academia and industry.
  • To nurture a scientific temper in the society so as to eliminate the illogical dogmas and irrational thoughts.
  • Create a cadre of scientists of high calibre imparting training in the latest techniques of scientific experimentation in order to carry out research at the cutting-edge areas of science.
  • To emerge as a hub of research and development activities in science and application of scientific and application of scientific methods.
  • To strengthen the national education and research base in natural sciences, social sciences, engineering sciences and creative arts as well in order to become a powerful stakeholder in global knowledge economy.
  • To ultimately emerge as a center of excellence in creative science education and research.
  • To play a pivotal role by contributing for the growth of our economy through global leadership in science.
  • Contribute to India and the world in the pursuit of achieving Global Excellence in generation of Knowledge and Research based Learning.
  • To provide guarantee of clean hostel, clean mess, clean water and hygienic and wholesome food to its students.